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 Privacy Policy

What is Joomlapp?

Joomlapp is an app for Android mobile devices that allows you to completely manage the websites developed with Joomla!

Which version of Joomla are supported?

Joomlapp supports versions of Joomla! from 1.6 onwards.

What components of Joomla! are supported?

The current version, supports the following components:

  • Article Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Menu Manager
  • User Manager
  • Module Manager
  • Extension Manager
  • Language Manager
  • Configuration Manager
  • Plugin Manager

How do I download Joomlapp?

You can download Joomlapp directly from Google Play.
No configuration is required on your site!

I have to install some component for use Joomlapp with my site?

No. After the first access to the site from the app, Joomlapp will ask you to install the plug-in required to access the control panel of Joomla!

That's all!